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Top 10 Stories of the Week #7

23 January 2015
[smiths] politics sub-editors Alley and Shaun summarise last week’s major news stories in the seventh instalment of ‘Top 10 Stories of the Week.’

1. The Green Party in full bloom.

Natalie Bennett Holds A Press Conference Outside The House Of Commons
The Green Party, after a surge in publicity surrounding their exclusion from the election TV debates, witnessed soaring membership last week, gaining more then 2,000 members in one day. Despite overtaking both UKIP and the Libdems with around 45,000 members, they are still a significant way behind the Scottish Nationalist Party who have 90,000 members.

2. Around 30 adults & 50 children abducted in Cameroon. 

boko haram
After a deadly assault on the village of Mabass Cameroon, Boko Haram fighters have abducted around 80 people. A government spokesperson Issi Tchiroma Bakary also announced 3 people were killed during the attack.

3. Ed Miliband asserts the five years of living standard failures under Cameron.

In response to the PM urging business to pass on success to their workers and pay a better wage, Miliband argued at the Fabian think tank “People would be choking on their cornflakes” after the consecutive years of failure from the conservatives on living standards. In a wide speech, Ed also outlined more of the policies among the Labour Party’s platform for this election.

4. Pope Francis ain’t Benedict but is now doing what Benedict did. 

During his visit to the Malina this week, Pope Francis launched an assault on those attempting to ‘redefine marriage’ stating both ‘the family’ and society is threatened.

5. Violent counter protests erupt against Charlie Hebdo magazine. 

A violent mob stormed through Niger’s capital Niamey last week in response to the terrorist against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. At least 8 churches were set alight in the riots, burning victims inside. Reports suggest at least 10 people have died.

6. ‘Religion is the opium of the masses quickly hide all the atheism!’ – PM

Ok, so the Prime Minister may not have said that but Conservative MP James Arbuthnot claims both leadership, party and politics provide extraordinary pressure for backbenchers to disguise their atheism before announcing that he’s been faking religious belief for 28 years.

7. Changes in the electoral register could have caused one million voters to go ‘missing’.

In the UK, you now have to register to vote individually instead of the previous method of the ‘head of household’ registering eligible family members. If it’s your first time voting make sure you register by April 20th.

8. In concern of reaching targets, UK rushes overseas aid.

The UK has committed to spending 0.7% of the UK’s national income on international aid to meet its target and has spent over £1 billion in just two months. The National Audit Office states that the money may not have been spent as productively as possible, as a result.

9. Obama’s State of Union focuses on re-distribution of income and wealth.

President Obama called for higher tax on the wealthiest American citizens at Tuesday’s State of Union Address. The proposal could raise $320 billion and involves closing loopholes, raising capital gains tax and introducing fees on firms with over $50 billion in assets.

10. A ban on same sex kissing sparks protest in Austria.

gay vienna
Protests were sparked in Vienna after the 112-year-old cafe, Prueckel, rejected a couple for kissing. Over 2000 people gathered in support of the couple along with a counter protest in support of the cafe owners.