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Goldsmiths' Official Student Magazine

Ode to the coffee cup

16 March 2016
A poetic ode to the coffee cup, by Annie Kruntcheva

A whirlwind of travellers saturate

The innards of their coffee-break sanctum.

Bitter winds blow routinely through

The reassuring entrance,

The gateway to serenity.

Caffeine deprived and hopeful,

They flock from the cold, escaping their exuding hours of labour,

To be rekindled

With a their long-awaited amour.

Post payment, divergence ensues.

The dynamic of those entering and fleeing the shelter of the sanctum

remains inalterable,

the brief affair being somewhat enough of a comfort.

The transaction of funds for liquid encouragement

being enough of an intermission.

They scuttle away,

concealing undeniable delight,

coffee-cup in hand.


those who sit,


Post seating, two emerge.

Hesitance lingers in anticipation of the first


The mobile device is placed solemnly as a companion in lateral view

for this momentary solitude,

being glimpsed at once more before becoming devoid of attention for the first


The removal of the plastic heat barrier seems commonplace

to those who opt for the two handed approach.

Shoulders raised,

elbows tucked in,

the preparation for the angular rising and lowering of the coffee-cup

to one’s


becomes one of repetitive comfort.

The very act of lifting the cup subsists

as a performance of purpose.

With intent to well execute and extrapolate the full enjoyment potential.

Others who adopt a one handed grasp

prefer to be perceived in parallel with those who scurried

oh so hurriedly back out into the cold.

Nonchalant and indifferent to the cup,

they tap away on the mobile device,

their amour severed from their beverage,

Instead, cast and dispersed over virtual realms to other beings,

perhaps, too, detached from their coffee-cups.

The one-handed grasp on the cup is in conjunction with the two-handed approach as

The coffee cup, although a companion to the lone traveller,

Accepts passivity,

accepts itself as a tool for the daily ritual for the

lips and the

beverage to meet.

But both sit, lone, amongst one another,

amongst groups of others,

close in proximity

within the sanctum.

Both company themselves with the


mobile device optional, but commonly employed.

The coffee cup feigns companionship

to those who sit alone,

but never does it feign practicality

to those who skip off in a flurry.