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Veggie? Here’s your best bet on a burger in London

25 March 2016
Veggie-patty expert Rachel Wall tells you exactly where to put your taste buds for the best buns in London

The humble burger. It’s come a long way from its chequered past as America’s scapegoat for obesity and fried its way into nigh on every restaurant in Britain. In London, it’s the hottest fad since the introduction of the Oyster card and is available at the drop of a ten-pound note. But the attraction of our beefy friends has lead to an entirely new and necessary trend – ditching the meat and getting serious about the hamburgers vegetarian cousin.


Anyone who has ever given vegetarianism a crack will know that when eating out, there is very rarely an offering beyond a goats cheese tarte or mushroom wellington to win your heart. With the advent of the burger pop-up came a plethora of game changing options such as frittata and avocado or sweet potato and spicy lentil to tempt you to the dark side, or the side with unquestionably lower cholesterol. But how do you sieve through the options and find your way to double stacked deliciousness?

Well here are my three best picks for a vegetarian-burgerian delight in London:

1) The Dove, Broadway Market

To paraphrase Joey Tribbuani, deep-fried cauliflower cheese? Good. Bread? Good. Twice cooked chips? Gooood. So there will be nothing disappointing about the Cauliflower Cheese Burger (£10.95) which not only reimagines a dinner time classic, deep fries it and throws it in a brioche bun also pairs it with guacamole and salsa to make you question if you ever knew anything about food at all. If deep fried cheesey goodness isn’t your bag, there are plenty of other vegetarian and vegan burgers available and with the ability to book ahead – (a rarity in culinary London these days) – vegies of the world rejoice and get down there!

2) Dip & Flip, Battersea Rise

Like a 1990’s WWE superstar, a The Rosti’s name alone fills my heart with a girlish excitement for what is to come – and let me tell you, I am never disappointed. Although we’ve all seen a potato rosti before, the guise it wears in this burger joint is entirety new and delicious. It comes with a wet egg, cheese, pickles, coleslaw and has the trademark height of a burger-y job well done, proving difficult to eat but entirely worth the struggle. Also, priced at £5.95 it seems; (drumroll please) good value for money!

3) Honest Burger, available in ten locations across London

Although now a chain, it started only four years ago as a pop up with the single wish to create burgers using all British seasonal produce. I first visited three years ago and would always cite it as the best vegetarian option in London, (unfortunately knocked out of the league by Dip & Flip six months ago). Their cauliflower (I don’t work on commission for the cauliflower farmers union I swear), sweet corn and tomato fritter with cucumber and coriander yoghurt (£7) is packed with flavour and clearly well considered. It has been improved upon in the last three years that I’ve religiously eaten it and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. Chase it with the Honest homemade lemonade and you’ll be laughing.

Think you can beat these options? Try us. Email us at [email protected] with your suggestions.

Illustration by Annie Kruntcheva