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SØLV: A Review

23 May 2016
Skye Heaton-Heather reviews SØLV, a contemporary art exhibition consisting of outstanding sculptural wall-pieces from eight diverse and talented international artists.

Stepping into the darkened gallery space in Soho with my eyes blinking from the Springtime sunshine, I zoom in and out of focus and adjust my sight upon shards of jutting ice streaked in silver glowing in the din. When the Danes do art, it’s powered by the dark and their Viking strength.  

The brilliant and sensitively curated exhibition from Danish-born art expert, Sissel Fuglsang-Smidt, brings together a collection of up-and-coming assembly of cosmopolitan artists from around the globe, some who are studying at the prestigious Royal Academy here in London. Brought together in an old nightclub ‘SØLV’ – meaning ‘silver’ in Danish – the art pieces all contain an element of organic expression which blends well with the exposed brickwork and MDF boards waiting to be created into Soho’s latest hot-spot after the show. 

Although all the artwork could be stand alone pieces, Fugslang-Smidt‘s artful placement draws the viewer around the two floors and intermixes them which carries a continuity. Spikes of protruding crystals laced with pinks and blues argue for attention from the kryptonite-esque shards of steel and a monolith that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern dwelling as a space-age seat. Juxtaposed against the tundra-like icy structures sits earthy sculptures that rise out of the walls in fronds and billow out from the ground in a mound of cotton wool. Folds of fabric align the space and out of the old Victorian fireplace tumbles a spaghetti pool of clay.  

All of the artists provide a strength of character that mirrors the resilience of the Viking spirit and it is clearly evident why the Danish gallery, ‘Gold-Smidt Assembly’, would be showcasing these pieces in London and Copenhagen. Internal structures build these sculptural artworks which merge nature and man together to create an explosion of intriguing concepts that are a feast for the senses and the rough-and-ready darkness of the gallery – a welcome change of pace from the outside bustling streets of Soho. 

┬®Sylvain_Deleu_ 22 CC I, CC II & CC III

┬®Sylvain_Deleu_ 34 Synthesis L1, 2 & 3

┬®Sylvain_Deleu_ 49

©Sylvain_Deleu_ 2

┬®Sylvain_Deleu_ 20 1 1 Maria Others

┬®Sylvain_Deleu_ 2

Images: Sylvain Deleu

SØLV was exhibited in Soho’s Greek Street between the 11th and 15th of May. For more information please visit goldsmidtassembly.com.