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‘Scatty in the best way’: why we love Bunker

30 July 2016
We know that you already know: Holly Patrick tells us why Bunker is best

The first time I went to the Bunker Club in Deptford, it felt like I was at just another hometown house party. That is with the exception that I wasn’t in some middle-class, suburban neighborhood of Rugby. I was – quite literally – in a South East London basement.

One similarity that I can strike between a Rugby house party and Deptford Bunker is that it’s usually full by 11:30pm. Again and again you hear students chiming in that you need to rock up at Bunker early to avoid disappointment ­– for once, this statement rings true.

In a room that’s about twice the size of a standard living room, with about as much space to move as there is in Harry Potter’s cupboard, Deptford Bunker is a standard fifteen-minute walk from Goldsmiths campus. A self-proclaimed ‘scuzzy, independent underground club in South East London’ –(cheers MySpace for that one) – I call it out as the best place to go dancing in New Cross.


Although The Amersham does offer a plethora of obscure Smirnoff flavors, and a guaranteed play of your favorite indie-phase tune, it’s not the easiest on the wallet. Decorated with garish, luminous spray paint, copious fairy lights, and padded toilet seats to boot, Bunker doesn’t have that pretentious, you’re-clearly-far-too-broke-to-be-here vibe, like the rest of London’s independent clubs. The little grimy atmosphere that you will ever admit to loving is what makes Bunker great.

But, the best thing? £2.50 doubles, all night, every night. Yes – the lemonade does come out of plastic bottles from Tesco, but with everywhere else being at least a fiver for a single, no student has an excuse to turn their nose up.

As for music, there’s not much they don’t play. Bunker is rapidly becoming notorious for having the best dance-music scene in South East London, with several regular nights to pick from.
Dutty Discotheque offers up a selection of heavy funk, blending together Afrobeat, paradise disco and a good selection of house. On most nights, students get in for free, able to enjoy a modest (yet decent) sound system without shelling out.

Straight from the student’s mouth, a Goldsmiths first-year Vicki Shadbolt has Bunker in a nutshell – ‘cheap, close, all your mates go and it’s scatty in the best way’. Deptford’s finest underground club encompasses student life – easygoing, eclectic, and full of energy. Forget central, Bunker is where it’s at.

Bunker top tip: For the prime-time dancing nights, make sure to get yourself along to a Wired Radio takeover, where you have the opportunity to shimmy to best pick of the talent brimming from Goldsmiths’ airwaves.