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Food Times and Fun Times at Peckham’s “The Nines”

19 January 2017
New Cross not doing it for your student social life? Looking to venture out further into the mystical realms of South-East London? Katherine Lovage reviews a quirky hot-spot in Peckham for some productive, low-key study sessions and some tasty, affordable grub.

I’ve always felt Peckham has been an ideal haunt for students based in and around South-East London. Popular for evening get-togethers, Peckham’s arty bars, unusual venues and often cheap prices mean students can enjoy most definitely enjoy themselves on a budget – not something one often finds themselves saying.

Tucked away next to the infamous Bussey Building, The Nines is a stylish café and bar open from Tuesday to Sunday morning until late. Despite its location, The Nines doesn’t quite have the vibes of the renown Bussey Building. But never fear, there still is an underlying Shoreditch-y and hipster-esque feel to it. But what is really pleasant is its relaxed atmosphere during the day; if you’re a student then The Nines provides for an excellent, low-key working environment.

The place itself isn’t entirely polished, but that’s the exact aesthetic one can generally hope for and expect in regenerative Peckham; its hanging plants, butt-engulfing sofas and pleasantly patterned walls make for a décor that provides a welcoming alternative to the albeit slightly cold and static campus library. And don’t worry, the hipster decor isn’t overbearing; The Nines is arty but still practical.

Although mainly youthful, the clientele varies as one can imagine; parents with young children, professionals tapping at their macs, and groups of friends who’ve popped in for lunch (or an afternoon beer). In result, a chit-chatty soundscape underlines the atmosphere, though it would be easy enough to whip out some headphones and block out the noise entirely…

Reasonably priced and more than decent in quality, the menu has good variety; one of their signature dishes is the ever original eggs and avocado on toast – if this doesn’t reign you in then I don’t know what would. It’s also definitely worth mentioning the happy hour runs from 6pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday, where you can get a Carafe of House Wine (or two cocktails or three beers) for £9.00, serving as a much-needed reward after you have done all (20 minutes) of your work.

Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, no-frills, all-rounder venue, then The Nines is very much worth a visit. And when it comes to deadline time, its atmosphere is chilled yet upbeat, making for an absolute blessing in terms of concentrating; it’s safe to say you can work here and not have to witness groups of flailing, panicking students, which is always a disheartening sight when you’re pretty much always in the same situation. Well, you would hope not, anyway.


Photography: Katherine Lovage