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Meet Goldsmiths students’ brainchild: Adept-Gaze

25 September 2017
Adept-Gaze is a place for new, exciting artists; it's also the brainchild of Gsmiths students' Roser & Brendan.

On the 17th September, Goldsmiths students Roser Jorba Soler and Brendan Smith hosted an event promoting the launch of their website ‘Adept Gaze’ – a platform promoting the artwork of budding artists. Their collaborators range from painters to dancers, musicians, and cinematographers.

The venue, ‘The Peckham Pelican’, was a quirky little café bar in which you select your own mug from a wall of mis-matched crockery. The uniqueness of the venue is representative of Adept-Gaze’s eye for alternative art – and the audience appeared to fit this description, parading numerous styles.

The artists whose work stood out to me were that of artist, Serena Nassini and Adept-Gaze’s Co-Founder and photographer, Roser Jorber Soler.

Roser Jorber Soler

Nassini has acquired a Masters in Arts (Artist-Teacher and Contemporary Practices) from Goldsmiths and now teaches fine art to young children across London. In her introductory video, Serena states that her artwork focuses on what’s typically hidden from the eye, tending to start a piece from a visual cue before continuing off her imagination. She has a desire to understand the unexplained, and feels that after completing a piece of art, she has gained something she didn’t possess before.

Serena Nassini (above & below)

Rosa Jorba Soler is a Catalan Media and Communications student at Goldsmiths. During her time in Barcelona she has worked in fashion, music and sport industries. Her website has an extensive gallery – her categories of fashion and of people being the most outstanding in my opinion.

The talent displayed today really highlights the beauty of the world around us and the different ways in which artists interpret what they are seeing.

Words, Rachel Deakin, @rachelsophiexo