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Sid’s Track Shack of the Week

8 November 2017
Goldsmiths' very own Sidrah Zubair handpicks the finest tune of the week for smiths' music enthusiasts.

After that by yaeji 

I’m a huge fan of the YouTube channel 88rising, which puts a light on up-and-coming East Asian artists – some names include Rich Chigga Chinese hip-hop trio Higher Brothers and Keith Ape.

However, their hidden gem, in my humble (and pretentious) opinion, is Kathy Lee a.k.a yaeji, an NYC-based producer, singer and songwriter. She’s just come out her newest release, EP2, an atmospheric record combining dance and house music to produce a uniquely ethereal sound.

My stand-out track is ‘after that’, a mellow song with a kind of wonky beat with soft, whispery vocals in Korean. It’s the kind of track you’d play during a late-night drive through the streets of London, letting the tempo and yaeji’s hypnotising voice accompany you on your adventure. It’s catchy, it’s mystical and it should definitely be what you play next after you finish reading this and stop procrastinating. Catch yaeji here.

yaeji – “EP2”

00:00 – yaeji – drink i’m sippin’ on 03:21 – yaeji – feelings change 05:56 – yaeji – raingurl 09:54 – yaeji – after that 13:33 – yaeji – passionfruit

Words, Sidrah Zubair