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Artist Profile: Will Browne Gott

30 November 2017
A look at photographer Will Browne Gott's exploration of minimalism through contrasting colour and clean lines.

Will Browne Gott, a third year sociology student, has developed a uniquely simplistic style of photography, showcased below.

“I have been taking photos for almost a year now, actively going out a few times a week with my camera with something in mind. I find when I don’t have my camera I’m constantly thinking ‘that’d be a nice picture’, so I’ve started to carry it everywhere. My pictures tend to be of non-living things, partly because I find them easier to take pictures of and partly because the kind of style that I go for focuses on clean lines, I also like bold and simple colours. Recently I’ve started shooting on film which has given me a slightly different way of approaching things, the nostalgia that comes with film photography definitely shapes the kind of things I end up taking pictures of.”

All photos, @williambrownegott