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Resolution: ‘A Swarm of Sound’

2 December 2017
Bobbi Wright experiences a DJ night with a difference.

Artist and Resolution co-founder Charles Vaughan before his equipment.

Resolution founder, Charles Vaughan.

I knew that Resolution wasn’t going to be your typical Friday night, the location – the St James Hatcham Building – dim lighting and the distant sound of atmospheric beats had certified that.

Walking into the sound-space I was immediately enveloped by pulsing music but unlike archetypal EDM, the aforementioned was far more sensory. Each sound gave way to feelings and the whole room swayed as electronica captured their focus.

Between each set was an interval, where even in the freezing cold, attendees found opportunities to chat momentarily. But upon the introduction of every new set, conversation paused and Resolution’s followers darted back inside.

Sea Songs opened with a sparse yet striking violin that reached a crescendo after much build up. As they added both intricate and cathartic sound to the beat, the result was a multifaceted looped track, resulting in an intense swarm of sound. For many, the experience was a sensory overload.

However the highlight of my evening was Graham Dunning’s inventive performance which considered the relationship between code and music. Dunning – a self-taught artist and musician – layered code with further code to create an elemental sound that very quickly developed and finally transitioned into a thoughtful and complex collection of noise.

The visuals that accompanied Dunning’s code, cohesive waves crafted by technology from Leon Trimble a.k.a. Chromatouch, met seemingly tangible beats which glided across the screen and altered in colour, matching and complementing Dunning’s composition.


Overall the evening was one I would recommend, especially with its student-friendly entry fee and BYOB policy. The relaxed atmosphere in combination with the collective’s experimental music certainly makes for a great night out

Words, Bobbi Wright