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Hamilton: An American (and Incredible) Musical

6 December 2017
Danielle introduces smiths' readers to the hit musical you should really not miss this season

How does a hip-hop musical about the founding fathers of America who have rap battles about solving state debt make me so happy?

Somehow, the wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda has created a musical no one knew we needed –  and it’s coming to London this December!

This musical follows the life of Alexander Hamilton (the face on the $10 bill) and his interactions with his friends and foes; amongst the likes of George Washington, Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson.

Coming from a majority hip- hop background, Lin Manuel Miranda, also creator of In The Heights, showing just off the West End currently, brought an edge to the story of the founding fathers, through the ever changing and growing medium of rap.

Clearly standing out from the Broadway crowd, the use of hip-hop music has allowed for this musical to be a more contemporary view on frankly a very dated and white narrative.

By casting almost entirely people of colour, Hamilton has become a movement as well as a hit.

Though it’s set from 1776 to 1800, this history lesson is still incredibly relevant and telling for today’s politics. People have taken various quotes from the songs and reinvented them to take to protests. Quotes such as ‘Immigrants, we get the job done’ and ‘History has its eyes on you’ are particularly topical.

In true musical fashion, Hamilton takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with classical musical-like ballads. With the ever brilliant integration of rap music throughout, you’ll find yourself reminiscing facts on the founding fathers. Miranda founded the musical in 2015 in New York, starting at an off Broadway theatre before bringing the performance to the Richard Rogers Theatre. Since, the musical has become a huge hit – with 16 Tony Nominations and 11 wins.

What’s more, Miranda also created a ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ at the beginning of this year with musicians such as Chance The Rapper, Regina Spektor, Alicia Keys and more have produced their own takes on the songs from the hit musical.

Coming to London in December, Hamilton will show at the Victoria Palace Theatre. With it’s overwhelming success in the states, it’s likely to be just as loved in The UK. Be sure not to miss it!

Words, Danielle Conlon