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Goldsmiths' Official Student Magazine

Poetry: An Ode to Peckham and Camberwell

12 December 2017
A stroll through south-east, poetry by Dora Hemming.

There is an elderly woman who walks very carefully

With one black shoe

And one white shoe

I wonder whether it’s intentional.

There is a cat with the same colouring

Sleeping next to the watermelons outside the corner shop.


There is a house with a red door

That is sometimes visited by angry people

Wanting to be let in to

“Smash his fucking head in.”

We watched children peering out of the top window

At the scene on the street

And wondered whether to call the police.

(They came within the hour.)


Parents drop their whining children off at the ‘pre-preparatory school,’

(In a couple of years, they’ll be at their prestigious private place),

While college kids drop stink bombs on the 177.


Bellenden Road always makes me laugh,

And the graffiti on Highshore Road that says “AREST ME”

Always makes me want to correct it

But I’d probably get caught doing it.

Then it would be me getting arrested.


Southwark council probably wouldn’t appreciate the alteration anyway.


Words and image, Dora Hemming