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Real life experience: trying out the ‘Diva Cup’

15 February 2018
Luciá Francés talks dealing with your period and tries an increasingly popular alternative.

And there goes the most awkward situation of my life: the both of us in bed asking ourselves: how do we get it out of there?

For a couple of months now I had been dying to try a new method during my period: the menstrual cup. That famous yet mysterious tool you’ve heard about a ton of times before online. Surprisingly, it was the second time I have ever felt excited for getting my period (the first one being the very first time I got it. Also, I’m not counting being relieved by my period after pregnancy scares). Anyway, it was the first day I was able to try my ‘Diva Cup’ that I picked from the pharmacy a month ago.

The girl at the chemist was truly helpful: “It’s very easy to use. You just have to fold the cup from the top when you insert it down there. To take it off you might have to dig a bit in your vagina,” she said. Uh, okay. I followed her instructions, including boiling the cup after every use. Everything was going smoothly. To be honest, I started to understand the hype there was around this tool. It was amazing! It felt like I wasn’t on my period.

Simultaneously, I had been hooking up with this guy recently. For almost two months now we had been seeing each other. This is where the stories connect: we went on a date when I was trying my diva cup for the first time. It was around the third day on my period, so as you can guess, I wasn’t anything near experienced. When we went back to my flat after dinner, he started kissing me. After a few minutes I realised that I had the cup inside, which meant that of course it had to be taken out. I made up an excuse and quickly went to the bathroom to get it off in the shower.

As I attempted to remove it, I just couldn’t. My fingers wouldn’t reach the bottom of the cup. Although I had not been using this method for a lifetime, I was sure that this wasn’t normal. For all the other two days that I had been using it, this didn’t happen.

Yes, it was uncomfortable and a bit awkward. But up until that point, I never had any trouble taking it off. And it had to happen this one time.

“Are you okay?” I heard from the bedroom. I had two options in that moment: act cool and stay in the bathroom, trying to take it off until I can. Or just be honest and tell him what’s happening, because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the first one with the almost-panic attack that I am going through right now. So after five minutes going back and forth about it, I went to the bedroom, with my cup still inside.

I don’t know how, but after this, him and I have been dating for over a year. In case you are wondering: no, he did not pull it off. We just laid in bed for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what to do. He was understanding with the situation, which made me feel comfortable enough to take my time to do it myself in the bathroom. I learnt later on that this happened because when aroused, the cup tends to be sucked a bit by your vulva in this situation.

A year later, we are still together and laugh about this very often. As much as I did regret the decision to wear my cup that day, my experience with my new finding has been a game changer. No more worries about getting clothes dirty or changing tampons all the time; it almost seems like you are not on your period.

Words, Luciá Francés, @luciaffrances 

Image, Julia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock