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Music review: Futureshock

28 February 2018
"A multi-sensory experience that would push the boundaries between humans and technology." Bobbi-Lee Wright attends Futureshock.

Futureshock is a live music event showcasing talents that reflect the new forms of sound. The aim of the event was to create a multi-sensory experience that would push the boundaries between humans and technology. The result was an enchanting night filled with an array of artists who each showcased their unique styles. To a non music expert such as myself the eclectic sounds mixed to form things i’d never have imagined.

For example the works of Loraine James and Louis Shambles shocked me. With an opening that mixed grime rap, with what can only be described as ‘spa music.’ The different sounds merged together perfectly and eventually drifted into a type of chilled out house music. Audience members bobbed their heads but mostly stayed enthralled by this house-grime mashup. The light show that accompanied the music only added to the atmosphere and slowly more audience members trickled in to start dancing to what was an amazing set.

For a more sensory focused experience the audience had artists such as typeface to turn to. His set provided a far more vibration focused sound. With each beat you could feel each wave coarse through your body for prolonged periods of time. Feeling each beat merge into stronger more intense vibrations made his set a unique stand out of the night.

However the highlight for many, was the headlining act Shiva Feshareki. The award winning composer and Royal College of Music Alum, proved exactly why she won a British Composers award. From the moment she started her set stood out. Each different performer had a specific and unique style but Feshraki’s opening alone brought you in. With the repetition of “This is Shiva Feshareki presenting new forms” the crowd had some sort of insight into a very complex and mind distorting experience. I say this because the sounds she made not only tapped into the senses but challenged the mind with genuinely confusing beats. At multiple points in the set you would be convinced a record was broken as the beat mimicked that scratching sounds repeatedly.

Overall the event was definitely what it had promised to be: a multi-sensory overload, it challenged the audiences boundaries and introduced a new type of genre, creating a new awareness of the sensory relationship with the body and technological sound.  


Words, Bobbi-Lee Wright

Image, courtesy of Shiva Feshareki