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Network: Goldsmiths’ new online community

17 October 2018
The future is here, for Goldsmiths at least, says Founder of Network, Erald Veliaj...

Network is a networking site that turns the tables on the way students establish connections throughout the campus at Goldsmiths. The site automatically connects students on the same class, course, department and that share common intentions, such as renting a place out or finding a place to rent.

“Going to university can be stressful. Typically, students lose their established support networks and move to a new part of the country,” Veliaj said. “Network helps students transition to college life better and build a peer support system.”

By automatically connecting students with their peers, it actually makes it easier for students to interact with one another, especially when they know everyone on the site is a verified student.

Looking at statistics, the majority of students have to go through the unpleasant experience of looking for a place to rent, finding other students to share a place with, not knowing much about anyone on their course and having little information about events or activities happening on campus. Social integration and the development of valued relationships is inadequate.

Phantom, a company that supports the digital needs of educational institutions, offered a solution. After numerous meetings with Goldsmiths Representatives, Phantom launched Network this summer as the Goldsmiths exclusive student network.

“Network is the new Goldsmiths hub where all university’s content and events are shared,” Veliaj said. “ Keeping the site localised makes it comfortable for students to share content and allows us to continuously deliver new features that students love.”

Network is rethinking a large, faceless campus into a cohesive environment where students know about their peers, campus organisations and any events or activities going on.

Access the new networking site here.

Words, Erald Veliaj